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Arbitration Scheme


The FIA Arbitration Scheme exists to provide technical advice and support where there is a dispute relating to the work or services provided by a Member.

Those who do not fully specify their purchase may be taking very high risks if a dispute arises later as they may have no recourse open to them. However, even where specification has, to all intents and purposes, been correctly stipulated, there will be occasions when controversy arises.

A decision to use the Arbitration Scheme requires prior agreement by both parties involved that they will accept the final arbitration. The scheme is managed by the Arbitration Committee and supported, where necessary, by two independent arbiters and chaired by the Technical Director of the FIA.


The use of the FIA Arbitration Scheme is free to FIA Accredited Installers and their customers.

It is also free to Approved Training Providers and their customers.

Other FIA members are required to pay a fee each time they choose, or have, to use the service. The fee will depend on the nature of the dispute.

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