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A Guide for Installers

Why You Should Apply to be an FIA Accredited Installer

  • Stand out from the crowd as an installer of quality
  • Keep your company up to date through commitment to continued learning from the FIA.
  • The Accredit Installer Scheme (AIS) promotes best practices in our industry
  • The AIS uses the reduction of risk as the prime quality assurance driver for the design and installation of fibre optic systems. This reduces the risk to all parties, including the manufacturer, supplier and the user of the fibre optic cabling system.
  • Associate your brand with the FIA, a highly respected association.

 How the AIS Works

To become an FIA Accredited Installer, you must be a member of the FIA and be assessed to strict criteria. You must commit to a code of conduct, continued professional development and apply the FIA Risk Reduction Checks. Other requirements are:

  • Public Liability Insurance covering at least £2m
  • A documented Health & Safety policy or equivalent "statement of intent"
  • Evidence of safe working practices
  • A test equipment calibration register
  • A test cord (and test fixtures) register
  • Access to a current Technical Library containing the current BS 6701, EN 50173, EN 50174 and
    EN 50310 standards

An Accredited Installer is obliged to inform its clients of the scheme and its rules. Clients are encouraged to contact the FIA if they feel an Accredited Installer is not following the rules. At this point the FIA AIS Directorate will take up the issue and the FIA Arbitration Scheme may be called into action as a free service to both parties.

Accredited Installers may be struck off if they don’t meet the standard demanded.

How the AIS is Promoted

To ensure the success of the AIS, all parties need to be involved. Clients, consultants and manufacturers are encouraged to include wording in their specification to the effect that it would advantageous if the installer contractor was an FIA Accredited Installer. Wording for this is available on the FIA website.

Accredited Installers have to promote the AIS on the website and on their quotations and bids.

Your Next Step

As an installer, you should email requesting an Application Form.

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